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Date: 24th May 2016
Luminous Flux, CCT, CRI LED Light Tester System
Luminous Flux,Website:, CCT, CRI LED Light Tester System LPCE-3 is a Luminous Flux, CCT, CRI LED Light Tester System. It is suitable for photometric and colorimetric measurement of luminaries such as LEDs, LED luminaires, Energy-saving lamps, Fluorescent lamps, HID lamps (high voltage sodium lamps and high voltage mercury lamps) and CCFL. The measured data meets the requirements of CIE, EN and LM-79 clause 9.1 for the measurement of photometry and colorimetry.System Configuration: ??CCD Spectroradiometer ??(LMS-7000), ??Optical Fiber ??(CFO-1.5M), ??Digital Power Meter?? (LS2008R), DC Power Source (DC-S Series), AC Power Source (LSP-500VAS), ??Integrating Sphere?? (IS-1.5MA and IS-0.3M), Standard Light Source (SLS-50W and SLS-10W)Measures: ?? Colorimetric: Chromaticity coordinates, CCT, Color Ratio, Peak Wavelength, Half Bandwidth, Dominant Wavelength, Color Purity, CRI, Spectrum Test ?? Photometric: Luminous Flux, Luminous Efficiency, Radiant Power ?? Electrical: Voltage, Current, Power, Power FactorSpecification: ?? Spectral Range Wavelength: 380nm~800nm (200~1050nm can be option) ?? Spectral Wavelength Accuracy: ?0.5nm ?Wavelength Reproducibility: ?0.5nm ?? Sample Scanning Steps: ?0.1nm ?? Accuracy of Chromaticity Coordinate (?x, ?y): ?0.003 ?? Correlated Color Temperature CCT: 1,500K~25,000K. CCT Accuracy: ?0.5% ?? Color Rendering Index Range: 0~100.0, Accuracy: ?(0.3%rd?0.3) ?? Photometric linear: ?0.5% ?? Stray light:<0.015%(600nm) and <0.03%(435nm)?? Time of integration: 0.1mS~20S0.03%(435nm)
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