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Date: 21st May 2016
IEC 60529 DIN40050 And IP5K0 Dustproof Sand And Dust Test Chamber For IP5X And IP6X
IEC 60529 DIN40050 and IP5K0 Dustproof Sand and Dust Test Chamber for IP5X and IP6X The Dustproof Sand and Dust Test Chamber?SC-015 is according to IEC60529,Website:, GB2423.37-89 (Test L: dust test methods), GB 4208-93 protective casing grade (IP code), GB/T 4942.2-93(protective casing grade of low-voltage apparatus), GB 7000.1-1996, GB 7001-1986(protective casing grade of lamps), DIN40050 and IP5K0. The SC-015 is applied in LED or other luminaries for IP5X and IP6X test. ?ModelNumberWorking Room Size(mm)RemarkSC-500600*700*800Single door structureSC-800800*800*800SC-0101000*1000*1000SC-0151000*1500*1000Cabinet can be put in a horizontal direct or vertical directSC-0201000*2000*1000?? ?Temperature Range: environmental temperature + 5~50? ?(Adjustable) ?? ?Humidity Range: 45%~75% (Adjustable) ?? ?Metal net standard nominal line diameter: 50?m? ?Airflow velocity in the chamber: 1.5m/s (adjustable range 0~4.99m/s) ?? Environmental air pressure: 85Kpa~106Kpa ?? ?Test dust: dry talcum powder, portland cement, smoke ash and etc. ?? ?Line spacing between the standard: 32?m, 75?m and 250?m (There are three Metal nets) ?? ?Selecting dust concentration control instrument: get sample through the optical principle, show the dust concentration and automatic control powder quantity that entering into the Cabinet according to the concentration of the set: (needed cleaning compressed air source configuration, require the pressure: 1~3 kg/cm3) ?? ?Power supply: 380V 3phases 50 Hz/60Hz
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