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Date: 21st May 2016
IEC 60335 Safety Of Electrical Household Appliances Test System: ACW, IR, LLC, GR And Power Test
IEC 60335 Safety of Electrical Household Appliances Test System: ACW,Website:, IR, LLC, GR and Power Test The LS9934/LS9935 Automatic Safety Test System is according to GB4706.1, IEC/EN60335-1, UL60335, GB7000, IEC60598, GB4943, IEC60950 and GB9706.1. It used for luminaries, home application and motor tools safety test in production line or Lab R&D.?Specification: ?? ?Display all setting parameters and testing results in the same big LCD menu ?? ?It can set the PASS/FAIL limit value. It will have light/noisy to warning ?? ?Includes the handle to do remote operate ?? ?Test mode programmable; Quick discharge, 50 memory groups, 8 steps per group ?? ?Support 50Hz and 60Hz frequency; Electric safety wall detecting feature ?? ?The LS9934 can do test for Withstand Voltage (ACW), Insulation Resistance (IR), Leakage Current (LLC) and Ground Resistance (GR) ?? ?The LS9935 can test for Withstand Voltage (ACW), Insulation Resistance (IR), Leakage Current (LLC), Ground Resistance (GR) and Power? ? ? ? Withstand Voltage Test (ACW)Insulation Resistance Test (IR)Voltage RangeAccuracyCurrent RangeIR RangeAccuracyVoltage RangeAC100~5000V?(1.5%+3V)0.005~40.00mA0.50~3000M?5%+0.5M?DC100~1000VLeakage Current Test (LLC)Grounding Resistance Test (GR)LLC RangeAccuracyVoltage RangeGR RangeAccuracyOutput Current0.005~20mA?(1.5%+0.005mA)AC5.0~300.0V0~600m??(1.5%+3m?)AC3.00~30.00APower TestVoltageCurrentPowerPFAccuracyTest Time0~3000V0~4.5A2~1000W0.2~1.000Class 0.50~999.9s
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