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Date: 24th May 2016
High Precision Rotation Luminaire LED Goniophotometer
High Precision Rotation Luminaire LED Goniophotometer LSG-1800B/LSG-1700B/LSG-1600B High Precision Rotation Luminaire LED Goniophotometer?is high precision automatic goniophotometric instrument for luminous intensity distribution measurements with facility for turning the light source. The LSG-1800B is an update version for LSG-1800,Website:, the LSG-1800B use a constant temperature detector, Japanese Motor and Germany precision angle coder which keeps high test accuracy. It is for industrial laboratory measurements the photometric data of luminaries such as LED luminaries, HID lamps, fluorescent lamps and so on. ? ?Specification: ?? ?Meets the requirements of CIE, IEC, IES LM-79 & GB standards ?? ?Reaching many measurement ways such as B-?and C-? ?? ?The tested luminaries rotates around an angle of (?)?180? (or 0-360? ) and the tested luminaries rotates around itself with an angle of (C)?180? (or 0-360? ) ?? ?Luminosity Testing Range: Illuminance 0.001lx~99,999lx; Light Intensity 1.0cd?107cd(detector) ?? ?The accuracy of angle: 0.0017? ?(LSG-1800B) and 0.01? ?(LSG-1700B/LSG-1600B) ?? ?Accuracy of photometry: CIE Class A (Class L is for option) ?? ?Testing Accuracy: 2%(Under Standard lamp); Stray Light: less than 0.1% ?? ?English version software can run in WinXP, Win7 or Win8 ?? ?This system can export data files as following formats, this kind of format files can be transferred by other illumination and luminaire design software such as DiaLux: ? ?
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